Over the 7 days of being here I learnt to realise there were strict laws set in place. Some of these included No salt, No chewing gum. Also everywhere here you will signs stating “No Pork No Lard”.

The strict laws are great because I was so amazed at how clean this country was you could literally eat your dinner of the ground. Although it was irritating when you had to travel on public transport and you weren’t aloud to eat or drink even water and in 30 degree heat you can understand my stress lol.

If you litter you can get a 1000 SGD fine which is roughly £550 this is why the streets are so clean!!

One thing I didn’t understand and really annoyed me was the rules in the airport. In Changi Airport we bought drinks & sweets as you do for your flight and we then realised before boarding that we hadn’t went through security yet. Security is after the shops so if you buy anything over 100ml it has to be removed and binned. I watched the woman infront of me have to bin a whole bottle of perfume she had only just bought. (Horrible)


If your craving any home foods like chocolate or drinks go to your local 7-Eleven they even do Ribena!

The first night we arrived we obviously went to the nearest McDonald’s and I wanted a double cheeseburger and then realised the whole menu was chicken based (not something I was used too).

The next night I was still craving a cheeseburger and decided to hunt for somewhere that did beef burgers. SUCCESS I found a fast food restaurant called “Carl’s Jr” it was absolutely delish and reasonably priced too!

Oh and I even made the mistake of getting a McDonald’s breakfast. The bacon was chicken, the sausage was chicken omg boke!!!!

Another night we wanted pizza so we went to a restaurant called “Al Capone’s Ristorante & Bar”. The food here was lovely but again no meat on pizza so I had to just stick to chicken on pizza lol.

The food in Chinatown was yum I tried sweet n sour chicken and Nathan tried fried baby squid (not a fan). However the prices here were extortionate obviously because this area including “Little India” is full of tourists they are going go raise the prices. For both our meals they costed 35 SGD which is roughly £20. That’s very expensive for street food but it’s well worth the experience!

The most amazing food I had was in the Marina Bay Sands Hotel at “DC SuperHeores Cafe”. We got pizza, fries, cheesecake. It was quite pricy again but well worth it as you were dining in a huge shopping mall inside a 5* Hotel!!

The menu was awesome here’s a sneak peak.


The shops in this country are just absolutely out of this world!! I felt like I was living my dream! We did learn to realise it was more expensive than the UK roughly atleast £15 more expensive. However this is because the living wage here is so high so the locals find it cheap.

I wasn’t impressed with the street markets within the Chinatown/Little India area.

The shopping malls here are insanely massive. We went to an outlet store called “IMM Shopping Mall”. It has outlet stores like Nike, Adidas, Calvin Klein, Under Armour etc.

We bought so much here because we found everything so cheap. I bought a pair of Nike Flyknits which were 45 SGD this is only £25!!! I literally couldn’t believe it. Nathan bought Nike AirForce1 trainers which were 120 SGD this is only £65.

Orchard Road is a must do for shops if you visit Singapore. The atmosphere is so surreal. Here you will find designer brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Valentino, Abercrombie & Fitch, Tiffany & Co, Victoria’s Secret and lots more.

Basically all the shops you wish you could afford lol (ONE DAY).

My top 10 must see/do…

  1. Sentosa Island- Universal Studios, Adventure Cove Waterpark, Singapore Cable Cars.
  2. Merlion Park
  3. Buddha Tooth/ Relic Temple
  4. Clarke Quay- Nightlife/Night Clubs
  5. Night Safari Singapore
  6. Southern Ridges
  7. Raffles Place
  8. Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Gardens by the Bay
  9. Chinatown
  10. Chinese Gardens

Favourite Beaches:

  1. Palawan Beach
  2. Tanjong Beach
  3. St John’s Island
  4. Siloso Beach

My most amazing day out of my whole trip here was my last day spent at the Marina Bay Sands 5* Hotel there is no experience like it. When we arrived we were treated like Kings & Queens given complementary food on arrival.

The hotel is so massive we got lost so many times! It has a shopping mall, a river with a boat ride throughout, designer shops, famous restaurants, gym/sauna. All guests get free access when they stay.

Our room was insane I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s like the Galgorm only 100x better lol.

It has the largest infinity pool in the entire world.

At night there is a water show at the hotel however we went to the Gardens by the Bay show. It was incredible & so magical.

I hope you enjoyed reading all about my first adventure of my trip.

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