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This blog is an important one. It is about bullies and the dangers of social media which most people will probably relate too.

I got inspired to write this blog from listening to Podcasts & Instagram stories of people’s past experiences of dealing with online trolls and it honestly touched me so much on how they dealt with it and also how strong people are to overcome situations like this.

I’m not too sure about you but this affects me as a person because I can’t get my head around the fact why its such a common thing in society to happen on a daily basis.

“Wouldn’t it be amazing to live in a bully free world?”

I believe everyone should be free and be who you want to be if someone doesn’t like you for who you are. Don’t change, let them walk on as that is there problem and you continue shining.πŸ’«

Social Media πŸ‘₯

I think bullies or online trolls use social media as a platform to bully others not only mentally but also physically. This has impacted some people so much to the point of suicide. I find it terrifying…where does it stop?!

Bullies often bully due to jealousy. If someone is pretty, doing well for themselves, working hard, buying nice things to treat themselves and living life to the fullest why should you give them hatred because your jealous? (Baffles me).

These bullies should be inspired & want to push themselves that little bit harder to do just the same instead of being jealous and giving the person hatred. Why not share kindness and love? πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

There is so many online fake accounts (Catfish) and trolls hiding behind a computer screen. How do these people find it appropriate to sit infront of a keyboard and just physically and mentally destroy people?

Social media is growing everyday and the amount you can do on an app or social media account is expanding and updating so often.

For example I heard on a podcast that a relationship actually broke down because of this. What was happening?

Well, on Snapchat and also Find my IPhone app I found out recently you can check your linked partner on these apps to see their current location.

So imagine your partner tells you they are off to a certain place and you check these apps to find out they are actually somewhere different and they’ve lied to you? Hmm, it’s SO DANGEROUS.

I totally disagree with this, as you are invading your partner’s personal space but also this will tear you apart inside and it will eventually destroy your trust with this person.

However on the other hand. I heard a brilliant way to use the find my iPhone app. If your friend or family member goes on say for an example a date you can track them to ensure they are in a safe place. This idea is amazing for security and safety reasons.

How can we prevent online trolls/bullying?

  • Honestly I think as difficult as it may be and appreciating the fact everyone deals with situations differently. We need to always rely on friends or close family to talk about any difficulty you are having as it’s not easy to overcome and handle the situation alone! (We’re not all superheroes).
  • Be aware that not everyone behind an online account may be who they say they are. There are so many dangerous people out there catfishing and hiding behind fake accounts.
  • In this instance I advise you to have your social media page private and a good tip is to also set your Instagram messages to private. Therefore, only your followers can send you direct messages.
  • We should think twice before we actually say something as no matter what you say its revealed online, so you have to be super careful before you click to post your comment online just remember that it could offend anyone.

My Personal Experience…

Growing up I got bullied more than once. Through school I found it very difficult to deal with people and how they spoke about me.

It started in first year when I wore glasses and had braces I got bullied simply just because i had glasses and braces. How ridiculous does this sound? It may seem silly but seriously people don’t understand how their actions or words can affect somebody.

In a new school, with people sniggering and giggling at your looks. Its not easy to just let it slide no matter how small it may be. As you then compare yourself to other girls who are obviously prettier than you who don’t have glasses and braces and think where did it all go wrong?

It then kicked off again in 3rd year when I was roughly 14/15 years old. At this age you obviously want to try things like clip in hair extensions, make up and fake tan.

Well I did anyway. I was intrigued to know what it was all about, wasn’t every girl at this age?!Remembering how around this time we thought we were amazing at applying foundation without a beauty blender omg stop how did we cope? 🀣

Well I remember in my school all the girls were infront of the mirrors in the bathroom spending there entire lunch break topping up on there makeup.

A few times the girls in a couple years above me laughed amongst themselves in the bathrooms and even went online and made jokes about my makeup and tan. Again how ridiculous to be little and laugh at someone a few years younger than you.

Then majority of the time throughout 4th/5th year in school, I got laughed at for my personal appearance which was my nose. I got questioned like “How many times I broke it?” Which infact was none.

I didn’t have many friends in school but even my own so called best friends made up names and would of found this funny to laugh it. It was horrible as it happened almost every school day.

This lead to me being self conscious about the way I looked. I used to come home after my school day and be upset about how people found the way my nose is shaped funny.

I often did consider a nose job (how crazy). The older I get and also when I met Nathan too I gained a lot more self confidence. Now im like why would I let my appearance affect others to the point they force me to change the way I look? I learnt different ways to not care about how I looked to other people. Why should it matter?

I always felt alone and I used to be a person who would of said nothing and just came home and cried alone in my bedroom. I didn’t find myself surrounded by a great group of friends growing up and found many people in my area growing up, judgemental and jealous which led to hatred towards me.

This was one of the main reasons for my move to Australia. I didn’t even give it a second thought as hard as it was at the same time to leave.

I wanted a fresh slate with new people around me and I’ve gained so many amazing friends in such a short space of time already! πŸ‘­

Everyone has Haters ❌

I don’t think it’s fair that no matter what we do as humans we get judged for it. May it be for the way you look, the way you dress, your personality or what your going through. Someone will always judge.

Even celebrities get slated and judged but that’s what makes them successful as they strive from it and turn it into motivation to better themselves and anyways they know only a small % of the comments are haters and the rest are fans who genuinely like them for who they are.

Supportive Links πŸ“ž


Reachout.com is for Australians and provides information to help any young person with guided tools designed for their needs.

1 in 4 young Australians are experiencing a mental health difficulty.


Bullying.co.uk is for anyone throughout the whole of the UK. They provide a confidential helpline service for anyone dealing with bullying online or physically.



Above are 2 links that are really useful for crisis support and suicide prevention. One for anyone in the UK and the other is for Australians. Anyone dealing with a difficult crisis or knows anyone who is please advise to reach out to these support groups for the best help and guidance!

This comes to the end of my blog. I hope you enjoyed reading and also took some tips on board too. This was something I felt I needed to point across as it’s such a common thing in daily day to day life.

Please share all your experiences relating to bullying or online trolls with me by doing so in the box below. β˜ΊπŸ’•

Lots of love


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