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Founder Emma Craig, created this space in order to help and inspire others around her age to be fearless, take risks & to travel whilst you can!

Emma is from Belfast, Northern Ireland and has been living abroad for almost 2 years. She began sharing her travel journey through her social media and through the use of blogs and later realised how much it was helping people going through similar situations.

Emma then enjoyed blogging and struggled to find groups in her area for Bloggers to connect so she then began doing her own events within Sydney to form a Community for bloggers to connect and inspire one another.

Emma sees herself as no ordinary 23 year old who goes out clubbing and partying she is extremely hard – working, driven to excellence and passionate in helping others.

When Emma began travelling and then set up her new life in a new country she developed a new philosophy on how to live life. Emma became interested in Self Development and with many struggles she faced in the past dealing with negativity, difficult people and toxic environments. She then used Self Development to educate herself, changed her mindset and outlook on life.

Emma then became passionate on attending seminars, workshops and reading Self Developing books. She attended a Tony Robbins event (where she high fived him) and this is where she automatically took action and made massive changes to her life with things that were not making her 100% happy and fulfilled.

Emma has a background with Health & Social Care from school she studied and worked in the community caring and supporting vulnerable people. She then was indecisive with what career path to take but knew she didn’t want to continue study or go onto university. Emma then moved into administrative & finance roles where she gained much knowledge but still not where her heart was set.

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As Emma was working intense hours and felt like there was no progress or lifestyle out of these roles she then decided to step up and take change to turn this around. After a few courses and events which involved Mental Health & Life Coaching, Emma decided this is where her passions are and began studying within these areas.

As a person who has been through Mental Health struggles, experienced bullying, difficult times throughout her school years, unemployment and other issues which brought Emma to undertake her own Therapy and she will be grateful for how Counselling helped her through times that were difficult and unforeseen.

After completion of her studies, Emma is a Professionally Qualified Level 5 Counsellor with experience in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Psychoanalysis, Addiction, Gesalt Therapy, Interpersonal Therapy, Family / Group, Couples and Mindfulness.

Emma is also a Mental Health First Aider, Meditation Practitioner and is currently studying to become a Life Coach. Emma feels privileged to have found the right path in life and is grateful for her past otherwise she probably wouldn’t be the person that she is today.

Emma created The Flawed Journey as everything is flawed and a journey in life. She wants this space to help people worldwide overcome their struggles, change their mindset and provide the guidance you need in order to achieve your goals.


Through accessing The Flawed Journey, you will find helpful blog posts on Living / Travelling abroad, guidance on the Working / Holiday Visa in Australia, be able to purchase personalised Travel Plans for visiting Australia, book Counselling Sessions and get the help you need on how to facilitate change.

In Emma’s spare time she volunteers and does various charity work to help her community organisations, in September 2019 she completed her first run which was Sydney’s Bridge Run for one of Australia’s Mental Health organisations Beyond Blue. Emma not only strives others to live their best life but also does the same within her own, which involves daily exercise, yoga, meditation, eating healthy, reading, journaling, listening to podcasts and regularly attending seminars / workshops.

If you want to book a Counselling session with Emma to make changes and find balance within your life, contact via below to find out more or to schedule an appointment.

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