Hello everyone and welcome back!!

I felt the need to come on and do a short post because I felt real SHIT today and I feel it’s good to express this as mentioned before not everyone is living a perfect life and just because their Instagram or social media portrays they are happy doesn’t mean they genuinely are.

Today I had a strange day with weird emotions (weird is good right). I felt exhausted and just like I haven’t had a break lately to myself. Since January from I have arrived back to Sydney I have been super hectic with getting back into work, settling in my apartment, getting new house mates, getting back into normality and just finding that balance of life again.

I have struggled with stress overload more so lately from what I have dealt with but I see these situations as learning curves and it’s good to change scenery, change routine, change hobbies, change friends. This will bring out the best in you and once you change small things bigger things will come.

Past couple of weeks I have been rushed off my feet planning for a lot of stuff coming up over the next couple of months and I honestly didn’t plan most of it so it’s kind of just hit me in the face unexpectedly but I feel like that’s how good things always plan to happen lol. I’m honestly grateful that these opportunities have reached my direction and I’m more so happy within myself that I have accepted them, even though they have all kind of timed to happen at once haha.

If you don’t take up on these opportunities you may never get a chance for them again.

Also at the beginning of this week it kick started with me hitting 2K followers on my Instagram!!! Woohooo I’m bloody so hyper that this small but big achievement has happened in such small amount of time as although my blog started a year ago when I began my travels, it hasn’t really kicked off until January after farm work until I had more time to put 100% effort in.

Since then I have been putting in a lot of my time as I can see the potential I have to help & inspire people. Recently I received a lot of messages about how I have inspired people to take risks and live their dreams because my blog explains I have done this. This makes my heart so happy, knowing little old me has helped people and then can only get better, right?!

I want to thank everyone of you who has supported me whether it be the last year or recently because you have helped me become more confident and have helped me find passion in writing and sharing my experiences.

To thank you all, I’m sharing a free give away/ competition with lots of amazing goodies next Friday 24th May. Make sure to enter and good luck in advance!! 🎁

Anyway let’s get to the point. I tried all afternoon to speak on my story on insta and I just wasn’t in the right mind set so I was like okay it is important to say how I feel so instead I will do a blog post.

So today I realised and thought to myself…When was the last time I took time off and chilled?! I actually couldn’t remember. After farm work I had no break I was straight into temp jobs & ever since I have been crazy busy. Weekends are my only time off work but I never sit down, most of my friends always say I like to get every hour in out of the day?! Haha

Something just hit me today where I was like gosh I need some self time, took the night off the gym and came home to new PJs, fluffy socks & dressing gown. Sat down with a cup of tea and reflected on how important it is to have these important moments.

We all live super busy lifestyles and don’t get me wrong I love being busy and keeping my mind productive but you need to have self care time where you stop, take a break and relax. If you don’t remind yourself to do this, is anyone else going to pat you on the shoulder and remind you???

My skin has broke out lately and I spent the evening pampering myself and now I feel so refreshed. Please take a day or week every so often if you don’t already to just rest and look after your own mind. You need to escape your busy bubble and do this or it could really start to affect your mood & you may become sad or get anxiety.

I attended a workshop last night in North Sydney held through One Eighty. Check out their page for anyone interested in future events!

The workshop was focused on 14-24 year olds and it was based on Healthy Mind/ Healthy Body. I travelled 2 hours from work to attend this event by myself but I was super excited!! The ladies who ran the event were bloody amazing and covered everything I wanted to hear.

They discussed how certain foods can affect your skin, gut & mood. Also they discussed mental health on how you need to have boundaries for people who aren’t doing you any favours, so if your in someone’s company who you feel isn’t impacting you in a positive way that you want them too. Then cut them, you don’t need them and we need to learn to say no. If we don’t we go around on this cycle and are just constantly going to be dealing with the same situation or person.

We were made to write down 5 things that we as individuals think we are and the person next to us as had to write down 5 things they also thought you were. You then had to compare what you thought you were and what your friend thought you were and see if there was a difference. As I was alone I began writing a few words nervously because we never really stop and think what we think we are to others. A girl behind me pay me on my arm and said “I think you are independent”, I literally just became a ball of emotions and was like wow this is so kind and really meant so much to me.

Although I have been in a relationship for almost 7 years I still love my alone time to meet new people and have the independency to attend events without that fear of being alone. If you don’t and your constantly in your partners company it isn’t good for your mind, you need to stay open to others and be free to have fun. When you do you will attract good energy, in which I did I met 2 beautiful girls who started chatting to me, give me a lift to the bus stop and showed they cared. Little things like this make me so happy!!

Another thing I learnt was that one of the ladies explained how through her teenage years she listened to her parents and other family members around her tell her “she should” be doing this or “she should” being doing a certain course to get a certain job. At the time and because she was so young she listened but she took action and then after many years realised she done something because others influenced her to go down this path when she didn’t particularly want to.

She has since left this career and is living a completely different lifestyle which she thought she should be living and not want others dictated that she should be living. I think this is very important that only you, yourself can make these big decisions and don’t let someone tell you what you should be doing and expect that to be what will make you truely happy because it won’t.

I hope this blog post has helped a little and will give you a reminder for self care and to check in on yourself every once in awhile. Chill, relax then continue doing your thing!! 💥

Thank you for reading lovelies, remember my competition is being announced on my Instagram next Friday.

Lots of love,

EmmaInWanderLand 😘

Sydney Food & Drink

Hi guys and welcome back to my blog. I have received a lot of requests asking where the best places are to eat & drink in Sydney so I thought I would do a short little blog post to help you guys out.

Here are some of my favourite recommendations.


  • The Tiny Giant, Petersham
  • Social Hideout Cafe, Parramatta
  • The Grounds of Alexandria
  • Basket Brothers, CBD
  • XS Espresso, Parramatta
The Grounds of Alexandria


  • Tea Gardens, Bondi Junction
  • Little Chinese Kitchen, CBD Westfield food court
  • Guzman y Gomez
  • Milky Lane – Bondi Beach, Parramatta, Cronulla, Coogee, Crows Nest
  • Thirsty Bird, CBD
  • Burgers & Beers, Manly
  • Smoky Sue’s Barbecue, CBD
  • Big Daddy’s Burger Bar- Newtown, Darlinghurst, Redfern, Liverpool
  • Vecino, CBD
  • Peanut Butter Jelly, Manly
  • Betty’s Burgers, CBD
  • North Bondi RSL
Big Daddy’s Burger Bar, Newtown


  • Rosso Pomodoro Pizzeria, Balmain
  • Doughbox Diner, Brighton- Le-Sands
  • Cafe Del Mar, CBD
  • Lola Cocina Spanish Restaurant, Crows Nest
  • Searock Grill, Harbor views
  • The East Chinese Restaurant, Harbor views
  • Opera Kitchen
  • P.J. O’Briens- Sunday Roast, CBD
  • Hard Rock Cafe, Darling Harbor
  • Cafe Sydney, Harbor views
  • Epic Pizza, Darlinghurst, Enmore
  • Quay Restaurant, Harbor views
  • Bare Grill on Bourke, CBD
  • Chinatown
Searock Grill, Harbor


  • Bondi Icebergs
  • Pier One, CBD
  • Carter Bar, CBD
  • Ivy Pool Club, CBD
  • Opera Bar
  • Grandma’s Bar, CBD
  • 360 Bar & Dining, Sydney Tower
  • East Village Sydney, Darlinghurst
  • Hacienda Sydney, Harbor views
  • The Star Sydney, CBD
  • Marquee, The Star
  • Glenmore Hotel, The Rocks
  • Coogee Pavilion
  • Zeta Bar, CBD

360 Bar & Dining, Sydney Tower

I hope you enjoyed my blog post and found a few places where you would like to dine and enjoy a drink.

Fitness Routine & Tips 🏋️‍♀️

Hi guys, I’m super excited about this blog as it’s something I do daily and I hope by me telling you my routine and what I find works best for me will also help you too.

Gym Routine:

Tip 1

It took me atleast 2 years to build confidence in the gym, this is something you do build the more often you go. As silly as it is no one is staring at you or judging what your doing, just be you, do your thing and shine!! 😀💫

Tip 2

If you feel less confident using machines or weights at the beginning (if you are a newbie) then this one’s for you!

Sometimes cardio can get very boring and repetitive. In this case from my experience I definitely recommend attending classes at your local gym.

I attended classes 3-4 times per week in my gym back home and it built me stronger as I learnt different techniques and how to use the machines/equipment properly.

Most gyms do give you an induction and will explain exactly what each machine is for.

I was always super embarrassed to do this too so I got Nathan to show me (still got laughed at) lol.

Tip 3

Remember you will not notice changes overnight this is a work in progress that you have to be super patient with but in the mean time keep patting yourself on the back! 😘

Tip 4

I recommend also planning ahead before the gym on what exactly your going to train as this will give you more time in the gym rather than dandering around deciding what to use and maybe the machine you want to use is currently busy so that gives you the option to go use the next machine and come back.

Tip 5

Try to train for atleast 1 hour as anything less will take longer to notice progress. Personally I train for 1 hour 30mins but everyone is different and should do what is best for them also.

Tip 6

This one is really important: Stretch before and after every workout.

My Fitness Routine🙋‍♀️…

Monday- CARDIO

•WARM UP-15min Run on treadmill.
•12 mins rowing machine
•10/15mins on cross trainer.
•400 steps on stairmaster split up 200 normal steps and 200 taking 2 steps at time.
•1min High Knees (x3 sets)
•1min Jumping Jacks (x3 sets)
•1min Butt Kicks (x3 sets)
•Do 20 Burpees (x3 sets)


Tuesday- LEGS

•WARM UP- 15min run on treadmill.
•Leg press starting at 40kg and raisng weight for each set, x3 sets of 10.
•10 Barbell swings x3 sets
•10 Lunges holding 5kg plate x3 sets.
•Back Extensions 10 x3 sets, squeezing glutes on each rep.
•10 steps ups on bench with 5kg plate x3 sets.
•Plate front squats 10 x3 sets.
•Narrow stance plate squats (feet should be together) 10 x3 sets.
•Wide stance plate squats 10 x3 sets (this one kills and is great for cellulite).
•Rope pull through 10 x3 sets squeezing your glutes at top of rep.
•Hip Thrusts 10 x3 sets
•Donkey Kicks 15 x3 sets
•Glute Bridge hold for 1.5min x3 sets.

Wednesday- ARMS

•WARM UP- 12mins on rowing machine.
•Curl bar skull crushes (12 kg bar) 10 x3 sets.
•Curl bar straight infront 10 x3 sets.
•Bicep curls with straight bar 10 x3 sets.
•Sitting down straight with curl bar above head to chest motion, 10 x3 sets.
•High Angel Cable Bicep Curls
(Machine pulling flat bar to head with chest tilt forward) set of 10 then 5 (twice).
•Cable Overhead Curls, 10 x4 sets
•Kneeling Cable Curls (flat bar) reps of 10,8,6 x2 sets.
•Lying Dumbell Tricep Extensions (8KG) reps of 10,8,6 x2 sets.


•WARM UP- 12 mins on cross trainer.
•Arnold press (7kg weights) frward and above head motion 10 x3 sets.
•Chest press using 8kg dumbbells, 10 x3 sets.
•Lateral Raises (this kills) chest tilt forward and trying to keep arms straight within each rep 10 x3 sets.
•Shoulder press, bringing weights down as slow as possible, 12 x3 sets.
•Upright rows, 10 x3 sets.
•Front press holding one weight above your head to chest, 10 x3 sets.
•Seated shoulder press infront and behind head, 10 x3 sets.
•Upright cable row, 10 x3 sets.
•Cable flys, 10 x3 sets then lowering cables to floor setting, 10 x3 sets.

Friday- BACK

•WARM UP- 12mins rowing machine.
•Face Pull, 12 x3 sets.
•Seated low cable row, 10 x3 sets.
•Dumbbell shrug 10 x3 sets.
•Dumbbell side bend, using one 8kg weight. 10 x3 sets.
•Back Extensions 12 x3 sets.
•Dumbbell Deadlift 10 x3 sets
•Bent over rows with 7kg dumbbells 10 x3 sets.
•Wide Grip lat Pull down 12 x3 sets (raising weight on each set).
•Pull up machine 10 x3 sets lowering weight for each set.
•Standing cable push down 10 x3 sets.
•Butterfly seated machine fly, 10 x3 sets.


•Crunches 1min
•Sit ups 1min
•10 climbers x3 sets
•Bicycle crunches 1min
•10 Flutter kicks x3 sets
•10 Leg raises x3 sets
•X-UP (crisscross with opposite leg to arm) 1Min x3 sets
•Toe taps 1min x2 sets
•End with plank hold for 1min

My Food Plan 🥦…

I do my meal prep for the week ahead on a Sunday. I like to be prepared in advance as this stops me from going off track and picking up the bad habits of snacking.

Meal 1
•Mash potato, hot smoked salmon fillet & side of green beans.

Meal 2
•X1 chicken breast with broccoli & cauliflower rice.

Meal 3
•X1 chicken breast, uncle bens special fried rice & a little soy sauce to add flavour.

Meal 4
•Sweet potato with inside scooped out, added with diced bacon, green peppers and hommus on top.

Meal 5
•Diced chicken with diced tomato, carrots & broccoli & side of sweet potato mash.

Snack Ideas:

•Hard Boiled egg & Spinach.

•Sunbites salted popcorn.

•Rice cakes with a spoonful of peanut butter.

•Greek style yoghurt with banana slices.

•Handful of mixed nuts.

•Whey Protein shake.

•Handful of grapes.

The Importance of WATER.

Aim to drink atleast 2 litres per day and if you exercise daily you should be aiming for 3-4 litres.

Drinking plenty of water really is one of the key steps for having a healthier body and mind.

Key Benefits of water:

•Healthier Skin

•Healthier Teeth & Bones

•Healthier Joints

•Reduced Fatigue

•Improved Digestion

Vitamins are considered essential nutrients

I find the following vitamins really important and take these daily.

•Biotin- Helps your body to maximise the use of other nutrients it receives and will maintain your red blood supply. Also helps the growth of your hair, skin & nails.

The food sources it can be found in are tomatoes, lettuce and almonds.

•Iron- Good for building muscles naturally and maintaining blood.

The food sources it can be food in are oysters, liver and for vegans beans, lentils and spinach.

•Multivitamins- Ensure your body gets the vitamins and minerals it needs.

•Fish oil- Good for preventing and managing heart disease also lowers blood pressure.

This comes to the end of my fitness and food routine summed up. I was super excited about this blog as it’s something that works so well for me and I enjoy sticking to this so I wanted to share it in as much detail as I have to see if it will help others also.

If there’s anything you want to ask me or have any questions about something I haven’t mentioned just pop me an email below 😊

Lots of love,

Em x