Hi everyone & welcome back!!

I have been meaning to do this blog post since March but I’ve been super busy as I recently settled into my home in Sydney, hence the delay.

For anyone who follows my Instagram you would of seen I travelled to Phuket in March of this year and on this blog I’m going to share with you what I visited, my thoughts and prices of everything you need to know if you wish to visit here.

Must do activities:

  • Phi Phi Islands which includes monkey beach and Maya beach where the famous movie “The Beach” was filmed by Leonardo DiCaprio.
  • Green Elephant Sanctuary Park.
  • Patong Beach > great nightlife.
  • Bangla Road > where you will experience the Thailand nightlife.
  • Tiger Kingdom
  • Big Buddha Phuket


We stayed in a Hotel called “Star Hotel Patong” which was unbelievably cheap for 5 nights this hotel cost us £83 through

It’s a brilliant location as it is away from the crazy traffic and nightlife but also a close walk to the local Patong Beach.

Our Hotel was also close to night markets which opened roughly at 5pm so it was great to be within walking distance to grab food and taste the Thai Culture.

The hotel was pretty basic but it suited our needs. It had good air conditioning, wifi, swimming pool on rooftop & also a help desk for tourists who weren’t familiar with the Phuket area.

We used our hotel help desk for booking all our activities as we wanted to visit so much they were able to provide us with a great deal.

I would highly recommend using “Destination Services” shuttle for transfers to/from the airport as it is a 1 hour journey. We wanted to have our transfer prepared in advance to ensure we didn’t have to wait around in which we didn’t as we were provided with a great service by this company. 10/10

Junceylon shopping complex is roughly a 10 minute walk from Star Hotel, it has a variety of clothing stores and fast food restaurants for (hangovers).

Bangla Road is where all the nightlife happens at roughly 6pm this road gets closed which stops traffic from travelling up or down the road. Then the craziness begins. Honestly I’ve never seen or expected to see anything as crazy in my life as this party street.

There’s crowds of people, so many nightclubs and bars to choose from and so much madness!

Personally Bangla Road wasn’t for me and I could only walk down here twice out of the 5 days we were here as there’s just too much going on. I prefer to chill on the beach with alcohol and obviously this is a much cheaper option also!!

Although there was a bar we went to the first night we arrived called “Majestic Bar” it had Ibiza vibes, cool house music it was chilled and not over crowded, drinks here were also reasonably priced.

Overall I enjoyed Phuket for the sake of visiting Phi Phi Islands and seeing Maya Beach it was absolutely beautiful. Another day which I will treasure forever was the Elephant Sanctuary it was amazing to see these animals happy and loving the company of humans having fun with them!

Downsides of this trip were…

  • It was more expensive than I expected.
  • I visited Tiger Kingdom and I still to this day want to cry at how they get treated. They were very obviously drugged and were surrounded by electric wires.
  • Patong Beach was very dirty and full of rubbish, all the clean beaches are off the Islands which you need boats too.

Thanks very much for reading my blog, I hope this gives you ideas & tips for visiting this part of Thailand.

Ps. In 4 weeks I will be going on holidays to Fiji super excited to share it all with you.



Over the 7 days of being here I learnt to realise there were strict laws set in place. Some of these included No salt, No chewing gum. Also everywhere here you will signs stating “No Pork No Lard”.

The strict laws are great because I was so amazed at how clean this country was you could literally eat your dinner of the ground. Although it was irritating when you had to travel on public transport and you weren’t aloud to eat or drink even water and in 30 degree heat you can understand my stress lol.

If you litter you can get a 1000 SGD fine which is roughly £550 this is why the streets are so clean!!

One thing I didn’t understand and really annoyed me was the rules in the airport. In Changi Airport we bought drinks & sweets as you do for your flight and we then realised before boarding that we hadn’t went through security yet. Security is after the shops so if you buy anything over 100ml it has to be removed and binned. I watched the woman infront of me have to bin a whole bottle of perfume she had only just bought. (Horrible)


If your craving any home foods like chocolate or drinks go to your local 7-Eleven they even do Ribena!

The first night we arrived we obviously went to the nearest McDonald’s and I wanted a double cheeseburger and then realised the whole menu was chicken based (not something I was used too).

The next night I was still craving a cheeseburger and decided to hunt for somewhere that did beef burgers. SUCCESS I found a fast food restaurant called “Carl’s Jr” it was absolutely delish and reasonably priced too!

Oh and I even made the mistake of getting a McDonald’s breakfast. The bacon was chicken, the sausage was chicken omg boke!!!!

Another night we wanted pizza so we went to a restaurant called “Al Capone’s Ristorante & Bar”. The food here was lovely but again no meat on pizza so I had to just stick to chicken on pizza lol.

The food in Chinatown was yum I tried sweet n sour chicken and Nathan tried fried baby squid (not a fan). However the prices here were extortionate obviously because this area including “Little India” is full of tourists they are going go raise the prices. For both our meals they costed 35 SGD which is roughly £20. That’s very expensive for street food but it’s well worth the experience!

The most amazing food I had was in the Marina Bay Sands Hotel at “DC SuperHeores Cafe”. We got pizza, fries, cheesecake. It was quite pricy again but well worth it as you were dining in a huge shopping mall inside a 5* Hotel!!

The menu was awesome here’s a sneak peak.


The shops in this country are just absolutely out of this world!! I felt like I was living my dream! We did learn to realise it was more expensive than the UK roughly atleast £15 more expensive. However this is because the living wage here is so high so the locals find it cheap.

I wasn’t impressed with the street markets within the Chinatown/Little India area.

The shopping malls here are insanely massive. We went to an outlet store called “IMM Shopping Mall”. It has outlet stores like Nike, Adidas, Calvin Klein, Under Armour etc.

We bought so much here because we found everything so cheap. I bought a pair of Nike Flyknits which were 45 SGD this is only £25!!! I literally couldn’t believe it. Nathan bought Nike AirForce1 trainers which were 120 SGD this is only £65.

Orchard Road is a must do for shops if you visit Singapore. The atmosphere is so surreal. Here you will find designer brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Valentino, Abercrombie & Fitch, Tiffany & Co, Victoria’s Secret and lots more.

Basically all the shops you wish you could afford lol (ONE DAY).

My top 10 must see/do…

  1. Sentosa Island- Universal Studios, Adventure Cove Waterpark, Singapore Cable Cars.
  2. Merlion Park
  3. Buddha Tooth/ Relic Temple
  4. Clarke Quay- Nightlife/Night Clubs
  5. Night Safari Singapore
  6. Southern Ridges
  7. Raffles Place
  8. Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Gardens by the Bay
  9. Chinatown
  10. Chinese Gardens

Favourite Beaches:

  1. Palawan Beach
  2. Tanjong Beach
  3. St John’s Island
  4. Siloso Beach

My most amazing day out of my whole trip here was my last day spent at the Marina Bay Sands 5* Hotel there is no experience like it. When we arrived we were treated like Kings & Queens given complementary food on arrival.

The hotel is so massive we got lost so many times! It has a shopping mall, a river with a boat ride throughout, designer shops, famous restaurants, gym/sauna. All guests get free access when they stay.

Our room was insane I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s like the Galgorm only 100x better lol.

It has the largest infinity pool in the entire world.

At night there is a water show at the hotel however we went to the Gardens by the Bay show. It was incredible & so magical.

I hope you enjoyed reading all about my first adventure of my trip.

Beautified by…

Hi guys and welcome this post is going to be all things beauty. I’m going to give you a little insight and some information on the things I got done before my travels. Obviously this all almost cost ths same price as my flights.. joys of being a girl 👸.


The number one thing I wanted done and is such a common thing. As eyebrows are what define your face and I don’t know about you but there literally all I stress and worry about to make sure there in perfect shape and I literally don’t pluck what so ever as I believe in growing them out as much as possible. Before getting this done I did a lot of research and was slightly freaked out as obviously I didn’t know what to expect.

The process is you get it done once> then wait 4-6 weeks and get your second touch up then this will last up to 2 years (amazing).

The Pain?

I would say the first procedure was very mild compared to the second. I had worked myself up so much for it and came out of the salon feeling “wow that wasn’t so bad after all”. However the aftercare is pretty irritating your brows feel so itchy after the 4th day and you literally just want to scratch them off (obviously you don’t do this) but I just had to put a thin layer of coconut oil on them and this did prevent the scratching and helped them heal.

The second touch up (4 weeks later) was a lot more painful as I knew what to expect I thought it would be the same level of pain but no. It was a little more painful but nothing unbearable. The Pain is hard to describe but to me it felt like the irritation of scratching the same area over and over again.


The aftercare for the second time around is the same as the first and the scabbing process roughly starts from the 4th day til 10th day. You’re not allowed to be using sunbeds, in direct sunlight, soaking them with water (in shower try to keep them out of water), no saunas/steam rooms, intensive sweating, no make up or creams within the eyebrow area. Now I did fully stick to this and I applied coconut oil twice a day (morning & night) and mine healed perfectly after getting them checked. However if you don’t which I don’t recommend you will loose pigmentation and it would be a total waste of money and your time.


The total cost for both procedures was £280. I think this price is reasonable and is totally worth it just think for 2 years your brows are going to be sitting perfect without a worry of drawing them on everyday.


I got mine done in La Bella Vita Salon, Dundonald by Agnes Wells.

Agnes is absoutely brilliant and I would 100% reccommend her as shes so professional and made me feel very relaxed during both sessions. She asked me what shape and colour I would prefer and she did them exactly how I wanted them. I had a few gaps throughout the front of my brows and in my before and after pic below you will see the difference just “wow”.

Agnes is self employed but works from the salon so your best to contact herself about any questions or pricing you have.

Before & After…


Now before anyone gets freaked I didn’t get botox to my head or anything extreme lol.

This procedure is a very mild shot of botox to relax the muscle of the mouth. This is always something that made me feel very self councious about taking selfies or close up pics and the before and after is just amazing!


Okay it’s called “Gummy Smile” and the procedure was a small shot of botox into each side of the mouth between the upper lip area. It took about 10 seconds which I was so shocked!! The pain was so mild I didn’t feel anything just afterwards it felt strange and I had a mild headache but nothing traumatic.


It costed £60 however I think this normally costs atleast £100 for 1 area of botox.


I got this done by “Fulfilled Aesthetics” on Anderstown Road. Deborah is absolutely amazing at her job and I 100% recommend her, I also got my lips done by Deborah and 8 months on I’m still fully satisfied with them also. Everyone reading check out her Instagram page!!

Before & After…


Going away to live in a hot country I obviously wanted to lighten my hair I think it’s just the essential even going on holidays in the sun.


I got a balyage in “La Bella Vita Salon, Dundonald”. Anyone wanting a real summer blonde I definitely recommend visiting the salon and getting Morgan to sort your locks. My hair costed £100 and this included fresh cut, toner and curly blow dry.

Before & After


Something I have wanted for a long time due to my hair taking so long to grow is extensions however I didn’t dive into this without doing my research and finding out which extensions are best for looking after especially with my hair going to constantly going to be within the heat.


I got 1/2 head fitted by the fabulous Laura in “XO Extensions by Correne”. I 100% this salon to anyone wanting extensions all the girls are so professional and give you exactly want you ask for.


All prices for different lengths and styles are on the salon’s Instagram/Facebook page. However my 1/2 head of nanorings costed £200 which was very reasonable for the experience compared to other salon’s I had consultations with.

Required Aftercare

Before & After…


Hope you enjoyed the post and if you have any questions about something I haven’t mentioned please do contact me.

Any enquires you can also contact the salons which I have provided in the post.

Thanks for reading,