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Emma, has a background in Public Speaking as it used to be one of her biggest fears she decided to run her own events and connected bloggers from all areas together within Sydney, Australia to network and share their ideas. Emma not only hosted these events but spoke about her passions (mental health, well-being and various other topics) so always felt confident speaking to large groups of people.

After a few of her own events, Emma then got invited to speak at workshops involving children from 6 – 12 years old, discussing the importance of being more mindful on our phones and devices also teaching the positives and negatives of social media as this is powerful for children to be aware of from their youth.

Emma always felt a real drive after speaking to groups of people who came alone, nervous, anxious and not ready to get involved. Emma always begins her speech with ice breaker activities in order to not only get to know the audience shes speaking to but so that the guests can also get to know one another and the atmosphere somewhat then feels a lot more relaxed.

Emma considers herself to be a professional speaker and is passionate in talking all things; self improvement, goals, mindset, overcoming fears and anxiety and many other personal growth topics. As Emma is a professionally qualified Counsellor, she is keen to discuss any other topics therapy related.

Emma will be running her own workshops within The Flawed Journey very soon so make sure to check them out once they become available near you.

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