Hello & welcome to my page, I hope you find exactly what you’re looking for and my page helps you in some way!

I am from Belfast, Northern Ireland and currently enjoying life living & working in Sydney, Australia on a 417 working holiday visa with my long term partner Nathan.

I’m 23 years young & quit my 9- 5 job to come explore the world!! I have been travelling Australia for the past year & a half and I never want this journey to come to an end. From fear to endless opportunities it has turned my whole life around and totally changed me as a person. I love meeting new people, travelling to new destinations and spending time with people who make me laugh!

My blog name suits everything you will find on my page as everything in life is a journey and is flawed in some way or another. I started a blog through my travel journey as I find its a great way to document your tips & experiences. My blog posts will be as informative as possible in order to help you who could possibly be facing the same situation or travelling to the same destination. My aim of my travel blog posts are to help others who want to get up & take the risk to travel.Β Β I blog all things travel – on a budget and lifestyle tips too which will include my personal experiences that I face day to day.

If you don’t know me and would like to keep up with me please do so by following my social media accounts linked at the bottom of the page.

Hope you all enjoy reading my posts and thank you for supporting my flawed journey!

If you wish to contact me with any questions please do so by popping me an email through the box below.

Em @ The Flawed Journey




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